Episode Twenty Seven - Manufactured Success

September 11, 2017

Reality shows are cranking out mega-produced musical acts, but manufacturing successful acts is not a new phenomenon.


Episode Twenty Six - Genre: Thinkers

September 4, 2017

Normally when we watch a movie we just want to turn our brain off and escape.  Sometimes though, a good thinker gets us talking.


Episode Twenty Five - Genre: Horror

August 28, 2017

In a first of a new series exploring genres, we look at horror as it pertains to pop culture.


Episode Twenty Four - Nostalgia Goggles

August 21, 2017

Does the fog of time influence what we think is entertaining?  When the nostalgia goggles are lifted, do we still want to watch Police Academy 5?  You bet your booty we do!


Episode Twenty Three - Star Wars

August 14, 2017

This week we chat a bit about one of our favorite franchises, Star Wars.


Episode Twenty Two - Pub Trivia

August 7, 2017

In this abbreviated episode, we recap our trivia night out at Margharitas.  We originally recorded our experience, but due to audio quality being less than optimal we settled on this.  Enjoy!


Episode Twenty One - Conspiracy Theories

July 31, 2017

Everyone has a theory they subscribe to.  Just some require less facts and more belief to stick around.  This week we discuss conspiracy theories and the whatnot.  And a big sorry to Leslie for actually being muted when we thought she was online.


Episode Twenty - Game of Thrones

July 24, 2017

Curious about this whole Game of Thrones hype but no idea what it is?  Well look no further!  We got some GoT talk and hopefully it will wet your appitite.


Episode Nineteen - Things You Should Not Watch

July 17, 2017

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!  Seriously.  We take on the granddaddy of offensive movies and the language, content, and themes are beyond reprehensible.  Listen at your own risk.  


Episode Eighteen - Fan Theories

July 10, 2017

Everyone has an opinion about what they like, but sometimes those opinions spiral into theories and change the way you watch a movie or show.  Usually contrary to what the creators intended, but in a few cases, fan theories have been proven to be right!